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Family of ISU alumni pose with Reggie Redbird.

Redbird Legacies

If you are or had a guardian, parent, grandparent or sibling attend Illinois State University, and you either are a current student or an alumnus of Illinois State, then you are a Redbird Legacy.

Legacy Scholarship

New freshmen or transfer students who have a parent or grandparent that graduated from Illinois State will receive a $500 scholarship each year for up to four years. For more information regarding this scholarship, contact the Office of Admissions.

A variety of other scholarship opportunities offered through the Alumni Association are open to students who are sons, daughters, siblings, or grandkids of Illinois State alumni.

Legacy Commencement Stoles

Graduates who are part of our Redbird legacy family can order a specially designed stole for commencement to recognize their family’s Illinois State tradition. Stoles are currently being sold for $25 for our legacy graduates. Order now!

Interested in continuing or starting a Redbird Legacy in your family? Encourage a talented student to apply!